Strategic Partners

Concat Capital collaborates extensively with a number of strategic partners who provide the company with extraordinary access to companies, active and liquid investors, business opportunities, and to information and informed opinion.

Development and cultivation of the network of strategic partners is a fundamental part of Concat Capital's overall business strategy.

G2 Investment Group

G2 Investment Group is an independent, privately owned financial services firm established in 2008 by J. Todd Morley and partners. G2 has over 70 professionals offering investment management, advisory, and other financial services to institutional and high net worth clients around the world.

G2 was founded in response to the global financial crisis and the massive market dislocation that ensued, which the firm's founders recognized as an unprecedented opportunity to create an investment platform designed around a distinctive approach to asset allocation. This approach starts with a macro viewpoint on economic growth and inflation trends and then focuses on maximizing risk adjusted returns with an appropriate level of volatility. Within this framework, the firm leverages the proven talents of its senior management team and the broad networks of its strategic global partners to design investment products that take advantage of mispriced assets or sectors and then recruit the best investment teams to execute the strategy. G2 partners with top-tier and differentiated investment managers and an international network of sophisticated, active and liquid investors to efficiently raise capital and grow assets under management across its various strategies.

British Borneo Holdings

British Borneo Holdings is active in Procurement and Logistics Management, Oil and Gas, Security Advisory, and Telecommunications in 13 countries around the world. The company is owned and managed by Shiv Shankaran Nair. He is of Indian origin, British by nationality, and based in Malta.

British Borneo Holdings acts as special adviser to the former President of Kalmykia, who is also a Head of FIDE. Besides, the company acts as Special Advisor to the Minister of Energy, Power and Mining of S. Sudan and as Special Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia. British Borneo Holdings has a strong track record in organizing Chinese and Japanese soft credit for countries in Africa and Latin America.

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